The benefits of a SMSF

To help you decide which superfund structure is right for you here are some of the benefits of a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).


One of the most attractive things about a SMSF is that it provides you with greater control relative to Retail and Industry Funds. When we talk about control we mean the ability to choose the investment option that best fits your circumstances and great visibility on how your fund is run. You as trustee become the legal owner of your superannuation.

Investment Choice

You have a much wider choice of the types of assets you invest in. Just some of these choices include, direct shares, managed funds, unlisted assets, commercial and investment property and other assets.

Combine Family Assets

With a SMSF you can have up to 4 members. This allows you all to join one super fund which means you have greater purchasing power and a the potential to reduce costs.

Tax Advantages

Due to the flexibility of a SMSF many trustees find that they are able to implement more effective tax strategies. This becomes particularly beneficial as members move towards retirement.

The Ability to Leverage

Another attractive benefit of a SMSF is the ability to borrow within the fund allowing you to increase your assets and provide the potential to increase your returns.

Moving your Business Property into your Superfund

This is a benefit that is often overlooked. You have the ability to move your business premise into your SMSF. Many businesses find this provides real benefits to cash flow among other benefits.

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