Consider an SMSF as part of your investment lifecycle

Self Managed Super Funds continue to grow in popularity with Australians for their superannuation but whether they are the right choice for your entire working life depends on certain factors.

Traditionally people signed up to their employers Superannuation fund and that was the end of their involvement. However, as the importance of your Superannuation nest egg grows with the ageing of our population, more investors are taking more control of their retirement savings through an SMSF.

This doesn’t mean that you now set up an SMSF and then leave it in place until retirement. Factors such as your own mental agility, health and age along with available capital, investment experience and SMSF management potential are important considerations when commencing and managing your own SMSF.

SMSFs like other investments have a lifecycle and knowing when to move on from your SMSF is key.

Not all investment structures are suitable for your entire investment lifetime, so knowing when to be in or out of a certain structure can make a significant difference to your end results.

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